Capital Advisors & Business Valuators

For Small to Mid-market Companies

Capital Advisors & Business Valuators

For Small to Mid-market Companies

Business Valuators | Financial Consultants | Capital Advisors

We help companies create long-term equity value with independent valuations, M&A transaction partners, and private placement opportunities.

 Capital Advisors & Business Valuators

Anatona (Capital) LLP is a boutique financial advisory firm in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We provide independent capital advisory and financial consulting services to Crown corporations, international consulting agencies, SMEs and lower middle-market companies with 2-100m revenue.

Our Mission

Enable Canadian entrepreneurs to create long-term equity value with independent financial consulting, business valuations, and private placement opportunities.

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Capital Advisory & Business Valuations

Independent & Outcome-based Solutions

Anatona Capital LLP business valuations
Business Valuator
  • Transition Management

    We help you prepare for growth, M&A, and divestiture transactions. Maximize exit potentials with independent advice.

Business Valuations
  • Private Placement Offerings

    We help companies invest & manage cash flow. Optimize return on investments (ROI) for company assets.

capital advisors
  • Funding & Recapitalization

    We help companies recapitalize and raise funds. Get access to loan providers & private placement of equity.

Value-Creation Consulting

Creating values as business valuators

  • Activate Value Drivers

    We analyze your company business and financial positions and help you identify catalysts for your business’s sustainable growth and successful exit.

  • Optimize Financial Process

    We integrate financial planning and analysis systems for better business insights. Improve profitability with financial forecast and reporting systems.

  • Increase ROIC

    We help businesses get access to capital at a maintainable cost of capital. Help you achieve sustainable growth with capital budgeting and allocation.

  • Increase Equity Value

    We help you strategize exit planning and increase value. Structure and manage transactions with our business network and private placement platform.

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Value-Creation Dashboard

  • Start

    Our initial consulting session creates a confidential company profile and a financial health assessment for your industry.

  • Strategic Partners Outreach

    Connect your business to your value-chain partners

  • Data Analytics

    Integrate data analytics and industry information into business valuations and financial planning

  • Services Engagement

    Improve your business valuation with process improvements in financial management and costing analysis.

Anatona Capital Advisor & Business Valuators

About Us

  • Leon C. Yin

    Principal Partner & Consultant

  • Mihoko Yahachi

    Administrative Consultant

  • Raymond Lim

    CFO Consultant

  • Freda Lewko

    Designer Consultant

Case Studies

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

    Advised financial planning and cash flow planning processes. Designed financial models for growth transitions.

    Client: Business Development Bank of Canada Advisory Services

  • Management & CFO Consulting

    Increased AR turnover and working capital. Financial and cash flow management for increased liquidity.

    Client: Vancouver Pro Pack Trading Inc. (Manufacture)

  • Business Planning & Validation

    Recreated branding and online presentation. Integrated e-commerce and online work order technologies.

    Client: Archi Enterprises Ltd. (Technology)

  • Technology & Business Innovation

    Designed front-end interface. Integrated analytical tools, e-commerce and online booking technologies.

    Client: Synertree CMS Inc. (Financial Technology)

Industries We Served

  • Infrastructure

  • Financial Services

  • Health Care Equipment & Services

  • Consumer, Leisure & Retail

  • Technology Startups

  • Logistics and Service Companies

  • Manufactures and Wholesalers

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Built for Growth & Exit

Anatona Capital LLP Helps Businesses Grow and Exit with High-Impact and Cost-Effective Financial Management & Consulting Services

We provide result-focused financial services for companies to quickly grow and exit. Help your business define your unique positioning and stay the course for success. Our professional capital advisors and business valuators provides the know-how and works with management closely while you seamlessly monitor the progress and results through our proprietary platform.


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