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Our clients are SMBs and mid-market companies with 7.5m revenue on average. Engage Now.

Anatona Capital LLP is a capital advisor for evolutionary entrepreneurs.  We specialize in Growth, Recapitalization & Exit Strategies for SMEs.

When we say our services are based on results, we mean it. We only get paid by achieving results agreed upon engagement.

Based in Vancouver.

Our Mission

We enable sustainable growth and enhance valuation

with industry insights, global resources, and scalable processes.

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Outcome-based capital advisory

financial planning
  • Financial Improvement

    We optimize your financial process. Analyze business positions and improve operations with robust financial models.

get funding
  • Funding & Recapitalization

    We help you recapitalize and get funding for your business. Secure your funding needs with private equity or debts.

  • Maximize Valuation

    We increase your business valuation. Maximize your business valuation with tax and financial strategies.

asian market representative
  • Growth & Expansion

    We facilitate revenue growth. Create a strong brand and plan growth for your global expansions.

Consulting Services

Engagement Process

  • Engagement

    We collect qualitative and quantitative information. Lay out the spectrum of operating opportunities and threats. Communicate expected results for your mandates.

  • Business Auditing

    We analyze your financials, operating capacities, and industry benchmarks. Deliver reports for your current profile. Develop specifics for the mandate.

  • Service Delivery

    We deliver customized services to close the gap. Transfer insights from data analytics  and deliver financial models for your mandates.

  • Achieving Results

    We transfer knowledge for you to manage the results. Work with your team and collaborate with industry experts to manage your strategies.

Anatona Capital LLP Platform

Data Scientific Approach

  • Start

    Talk to us and start a profile. It’s free.

  • Real Time & Global Reach

    Always available for you. Always ready for actions. Plan well and execute business strategies.

  • Data Analytics

    Include data and graphic analytics of your business for easy understanding and quick executions.

  • Services Engagement

    We will help you identify the right problems to solve. Engage to professional services for exit and growth.

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  • Leon C. Yin


  • Mihoko Yahachi


  • Raymond Lim


  • Mimi Wang

    Legal Advisor

Featured Client

Our business is highly competitive. Anatona helped us recreate a market position by expanding our verticals and improving our operating process

Vancouver Pro Pack Trading Inc.

  • Capital Management

    Increased AR turnover and working capital. Financial and cash flow management for increased liquidity.

  • Business Planning & Validation

    Recreated branding and online presentation. Integrated e-commerce and online work order technologies.

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

    Advised management team on financial planning and cash flow management. Increased gross margins and lower employee turnover rates.

Industries We Served

  • Infrastructure
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care Equipment & Services
  • Consumer, Leisure & Retail


  • Financial Institutions
  • Technology Startups
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • International Consulting Firm

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Built for Growth & Exit

Anatona LLP Helps Businesses Grow and Exit with High-Impact and Cost-Effective Financial Management & Consulting Services

We provide result-focused financial services for companies to quickly grow and exit. Help your business define your unique positioning and stay the course for success. Our professional team provides the know-how and works with management closely while you seamlessly monitor the progress and results through our proprietary platform.


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